Pack Perks

A member of our pack can expect to receive some extra perks.  For example
  • Occasional sneak peeks at excerpts from some of our author's Works in Progress and new releases (this will be on an individual book/author basis--some of our publishers don't allow us to share excerpts before publication)
  • Peeks at our new covers before the general public gets a chance to see
  • Contests exclusively for our members!  Prizes include gifts and free books.
  • A member badge  (SEE BELOW)
  • Free swag
  • Access to our Facebook page as well as our Yahoo loop
  • Contests for free ebooks of our new titles as soon as we get them. 
  • New book release tours and hops by invitation only
  • A chance to have new characters named after you!
  • A chance to pick our brains! If you're a new author, you might have some questions you'd like to ask.  Or maybe you just have questions about our books or our characters!
  • Just for joining you'll get a free ebook from each author!
  • Other perks as we think of them!


  1. Hi my name is Carlena and I am a big fan of Shannon West. I would like to join your Wild Pack but I am not sure how can you please tell me. Thank You!!

  2. Hi Carlena! We're so happy to have you!! Email me--Shannon West--at and I'll send you all the info! If you like join us today too on our Facebook page. We're launching The Wild Pack today at 3 p.m. On that page there will be more information. So glad to have you with us!

  3. So glad that I joined I get to meet some great new to me authors. I cant wait to be apart of the wolf pack.